ESP8266 – IoT Temperature logger

Aim:- To make an ESP8266 based temperature logger that can send temperature to an online website/database.

Initiated by:- Parakh M. Gupta(2014 Batch).

Hardware Used:- ESP8266 WiFi Module, Arduino Uno, DS18B20 Temperature sensor.

Details:- The ESP8266 WiFi module is loaded with the code for the Temperature sensor. DS18B20 is a digital temperature sensor which uses the onewire library to communicate to the ESP8266 module. The module is connected to the WiFi router in the room for internet access. The ESP uses HTTP 1.1 protocol to relay data to the thingsspeak website using its IP address and the path given by the website for a new data stream. Once the server is connected, the data is sent and the connection is closed until the next time. This is repeated as a loop to update the data received from the sensor i.e. temperature on the website.

Thingsspeak offers a channel to see the data in real-time and in a graphical format with proper plots.

Current Status : Completed.


  1. Parakh M Gupta – 77299-92611.


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